Debbie Lee

Debbie Le is a full time Digital Content Creator and mother to Roman and Rosie. As a former buyer and stylist, I’ve been into fashion and style for years. It’s my passion and I’m lucky I still get to do a job I love creating inspiring fashion, home and beauty content. My style has evolved over the years yet I’m still very much into my classic styles but with a nod to the trends. I draw my inspiration from people watching to looking online but my biggest inspiration is my mother who’s style is immaculate. She was also a seamstress, so I was on the sewing machine from a very young age!  Now as a mother myself, I hope to inspire my children into having their own personal style, to have fun with fashion and play around with styles, colours, trends and textures. Wearing the right clothes will give you so much confidence and bring you lots of joy, I promise you it will ❤️